Grinding is the product par excellence of Mecanizados Frame, S.L. Based on our experience in the industry of more than 25 years, we decided to opt for grinding in order to fulfill the precision demanded by our customers by offering the highest quality.

We know that finding high quality grinding services is not easy and there are not many suppliers capable of assuming the high standards of excellence. For this reason we decided to commit ourselves to our customers by offering them our exclusive grinding service under the strict controls carried out by the quality department in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

We specialise in precision grinding in both internal and external cylindrical grinding, as well as tangential grinding.
To be able to carry out this service we have a large verification area equipped with modern verification machinery such as the three-dimensional machine, vision machine up to 150 magnification with excellent verification software and all the auxiliary verification means that are within our reach.

Grinding dimensions:
Cylindrical Exterior:
Cylindrical Interior:

Our machine park:

  • Danovat CNC
  • Jones Shipman-tangential
  • Tangential prhot
  • Jones Shipman cylindrical